Updates and Outreach

made it really hard to tell when I “finished” grad school and when I “started” being a community researcher, but in order to streamline my networks a little, I’ve created a newsletter for my colleagues and friends. Since the first one is all-encompassing, I figured I may as well share it here, too.

Caring Doesn’t End with Vaccination

Something I’m seeing (and personally struggling with) is that a lot of people who took the pandemic seriously (whether from the start or from learning the hard way) are being expected to start to make exceptions, or relax all at once, or just “trust” other people wholly. But brains don’t work that way. Brains adapt […]

Thesis 8/∞: Acknowledgements

There were a lot of twists and turns in those last few months, what with the global pandemic and usual grad school rigmarole, but my thesis was completed, defended, revised, and finally submitted this month. Before I go over some of those later experiences, this: “The Social Lives of Dementia Caregivers” is complete and available! […]

A Time to Care: Lessons on Selfhood in Sacrifice

To my surprise and relief, it seems people are talking about care. Mutual care, communal care, care of families, care about political constituents, self-care. At least some people are seeing what I’m seeing: We Are All Caregivers Now, and what comes after depends on how well we all care for one another now. In my […]