Future Topics

Have you seen a great resource on one of these subjects? Which do you think The Pivot should we cover next? You can suggest your own in the comments below or contact host G.J. Hodson to get involved!

  • The Challenges of Staying Virtual/Hybrid
  • Media Literacy: For Better and Worse
  • COVID Caution as a Lifestyle
  • Labor Shortages and Other Changes to the Workforce
  • The Infrastructure Industrial Complex – about how post-industrial nations stopped manufacturing and started streamlining and outsourcing, changing global manufacturing, and how COVID has revealed the weaknesses of this approach
  • “How Are We Paying for This?” A Brief History of COVID Subsidies
  • Nursing
  • Global Perspectives (and/or The WHO versus the CDC)
  • Chronic Illness Before, During, and After COVID-19
  • Will We Still Have a Care Gap?
  • “Et tu, academe?” Why campuses also suck at avoiding COVID
  • Between the Individual and the Population: Collectives
  • Scientific Literacy in a Media Age
  • Permission to Pivot
  • Benchmarks for “Post-COVID”
  • Media literacy
  • Making space for the COVID-aware and immunocompromised.
  • HVAC superstars
  • Economic impact vs. economic rhetoric
  • COVID is a Climate Change issue
  • Leadership
  • Dating and relationships
  • What stays and what goes in the social sciences?
  • Civilization and Stability
  • The science of lived experience – why we listen to disabled people and people with Long COVID.
  • Social isolation, pods, and living our lives
  • How Twitter gets me through
  • Turncoats: who is changing their mind, one way or the other?
  • Geography Matters
  • HIV: Dispatches from the Other Other Pandemic.


None… yet!


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